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  The elite concierge service at Elite Luxury Properties further distinguishes us from the field of luxury vacation rentals. We provide an array of concierge services that are unparalleled in the luxury vacation homes marketplace today. Imagine arriving at the luxury vacation home that you’ve reserved for yourself and your treasured guests, providing the finest environment in which to welcome them. Why stop there? We have thought beyond the suitcases arriving, bags being unpacked, and visitors settling-in. The next step in luxury vacation rentals is indulging your every need once you’ve arrived at one of our luxury vacation homes. Let our elite concierge service save you time and energy, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the surrounds.


Butler or Houseman

Bodyguard or Security Expert

Maid or Housekeeper

Chauffer or Personal Driver


Baby Nurse or Doula


In order to enhance your luxury vacation home rental experience even further, our elite concierge service can accommodate your busy personal life. We realize that busy professionals still convey and conduct business while on vacation, so we have resources available to help you with those tasks or to pamper you after meeting many demands.


Personal Assistant

Family Assistant

Errand Services

Personal Shopper

Massage Therapist

Yoga and Pilates Instructors

Personal Fitness Trainer


Our elite concierge services awaits your next arrival to any of our luxury vacation rental properties

Housekeeper/Maid --$30/hr, Bodyguard/Security -- $45/hr, Butler/Houseman -- $45‐$55/hr, Chauffer/Driver --$35‐$50/hr, Chef/Cook -- $400 ‐ $850*, Laundress -- $35/hr, Baby Nurse/Doula -- $45‐$50/hr, Massage Therapist, Personal Assistant/Family Assistant -- $40/hr, Personal Shopping Services -- $40/hr, Errand Services -- $40/hr, House Care Services -- $40/hr, Concierge Support -- $40/hr, Fitness: Personal Trainer, Massage therapists, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor.